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Congratulations Of Class 2023

Quick Package

Starts at $150

  • -5 professional edits photos.

  • One out fit change.

  • Photo's will be delivered by dropbox.

Completed Package

Starts at $300

  • 10 professional edits photos.

  • Two out fit changes.

  • Photo's will be delivered by dropbox. 

Graduation Package

Starting at $500

  •  will only include 30 professional edits photos. Unlimited outfit changes. Also will have 5(5x7) print out and 1(13x19) print outs

  • Will also include smoke in any color

  • A bottle of champagne.

  • A Graduation Flyer 

  • A Video as well between 1-2 minutes 

  • Photo's will be delivered by dropbox for the Digital copy. The Print outs will be either handed in person 


  • Delivery Time is between (3-5) Business Days.

  • Referrals will be paid after all totally fee's are paid. 

  • Add-on pictures will be $25 for each photo

  • We do travel. No matter how far the distant is but it will come at a cost. 

  •  If you have anymore questions that we didn't answer feel free to shoot us a text or call us at 1(336)-355-1052

  • Deposit are non refundable unless canceled by the photographer 

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